wooden industries Hotels And Homes Modern Furniture Gallery

Wooden Industries Hotels And Homes Modern Furniture Gallery

Wooden industries A Brief about the company is a world class home furniture manufacturer based in Egypt . We are proud to have skilled and motivated team members who are highly committed to producing high quality products, superior technical expertise combining innovative designs with the latest technology in furniture manufacturing and implementing positive change. The company is specialized in all wooden works of home furniture for upscale hotels in Egypt and has captured exclusive contracts with leading international hotel chains. We always use the most updated and best materials in our products as we offers a wide range of different contemporary and high quality materials for more than 500 colors in PVC, Acrylic, UV, CPL, HPL, Finish Foil, Natural Veneer, Industrial Veneer, Natural Wood and Industrial Wood.

Factories Company is drawing its fame in the field of wooden products from it`s well equipped factories and it`s very well trained experts and qualified technicians. The company owns two factories first of which is located in Misr el Kadima on an area of 6000 M2 and the second is located in Abu Rawash industrial Zone one an area of 14000 M2. Both factories are fully equipped with the newest machines and the appropriate training and application systems The achieved perfection in the factory had a great role in the company’s success since many clients remain loyal to the company since it was established in the early theirs No wonder that all working stuff are thing to grant you the highest perfection and creativity levels in producing furniture and wooden products designed to last for life. Factory

Departments: Panels Department: This department includes the latest machines which are imported from Germany and are working with CNC systems. 1- Panel Saw

2- Calibration 3- Routers 4- Boring 5- Edge Banding 6- Massive Woods 7- Kiln Dryers

Hot and cold press Department Giving us the ability cut and press all sizes and materials (either natural veneer, artificial Veneers, PVC, Acrylic, HPL, LPL) 1- Cutting Blades

2- Hot Press

Painting Department It includes the preparing and sanding machines suitable for all sorts of different surfaces and veneer finishing 1- Air Brush Booth 2- Dry Booth Packing Department

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